native american spirit guides

Nez Perce Brave spirit drawing by Ginny Walden 2010


The Great Nez Perce Chief Joseph spirit drawing by Ginny Walden 2010

awaken your truth–psychic visions

guardian1My first 'psychic transmissions' from the Other Side were charcoal drawings of Guardians who appeared mysteriously to me in Feb 1996, one and a half years before I was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer, Guardians, Angels and Spirit Guides continued to appear in these psychic drawings and my sculptures during treatment and while I was healing from cancer and again recently, ten years later. I cannot claim these works as my own. They are definitely messengers from the Other Side.

guardian2 I did the drawings with a chunk of charcoal with my eyes closed and completed each one in fifteen seconds. The charcoal is dust and so, it is its own testimonial. There is no way I could have created such detail consciously with a chunk of charcoal or even a charcoal pencil. They would smudge. Click on the images to see a larger picture.

Guardians Appear!

When Ginny's original first Guardians appeared they asked her to depict them in art so others could see them and believe they exist. Through a clairvoyant friend, they asked Ginny to tell others that we each have our own Guardians and they stay with us lifetime through lifetime. They protect us and love us and if we ask them for help, they will speed us up on our Path in life. So it occurred to her recently that they want her to channel other people's Guardians and Spirit Guides if someone wants to see them. Seeing is believing so they want others to believe and ask for guidance especially in these difficult and challenging times of great changes in consciousness worldwide.

You can make an appointment for a session to access your Guardians and Spirit Guides.

Ginny has yet to try drawings remotely by phone. She will experiment and see if this can happen and post results on the site later.

Her Shamanic Journeys reconnect the client with Nature, intuitive connections and guidance of spirit guides. Ginny was told by her Spirit Guide Noquisi, famous Mohegan Bird Woman, that they were good friends,that Ginny was a Medicine Woman in another life. and her name was "She-Who-Stirs-The-Wind'.









Walla Walla Brave 1810 spoke and said "Tell my story. I come to warn you that your people are vicitms of your own government as we were then." spirit drawing by Ginny Walden 2010

These Native American Spirits came recently. I asked the good spirits to appear iif they saw fit. I played a CD of a Native American chant while drawing in a trance. They came quickly. a dozen in sequence. Afterwards, I showed these drawings to an elder Lakota Sioux Medicine Man, Looks-For-Buffalo, and he identified several of the spirits and these two you see here. I made a book of them and gave copies to him and to the Hopi Medicine Man Grandfather Martin.