Wife with liver cancer dying without pain

June 15, 2001
"Thanks so much for helping my wife control her pain!

I would like to take this opportunity to really thank you for all you have done for my wife. You really made her feel much more comfortable than many others who were in similar situations, that is, pain free!!!

This is just like a miracle because the doctors and many others warned us about extreme pains at this stage of her sickness. Although we bought a big bottle of pain killer she never had to use it. The bottle remained unopened until the last day.

Your CHI-LEL Qigong is so amazing and powerful. I am sure that I will continue to practice it for life. I would also like to join your Instructor Training Program so that I could help others as well."
– Roger K.Chuy  Honolulu, HI 2001
NOTE: Roger became a CHI-LEL Instructor and learned Spanish now teaches CHI-LEL in Peru.

Surgery Avoided with 100 Day Gong

May 15, 2009

I got the results of my annual physical and I was shocked. I had a spot on my mammogram and a pelvic ultrasound revealed a thickening of the lining for which my gynecologist recommended a D&C. It hadn't been a good year. I lost my job (again laid-off), was fighting deep depression and I had little energy to pull myself up. I thought it was my time to go.

I called Ginny and while we spoke I realized this was my opportunity to become "conscious". I was in tears as we spoke realizing the energy I needed was always there. She agreed to teach me CHI-LEL Qigong.

I did the 100 days! It wasn't always easy to make the time to devote to my practice, but knowing that if I missed one day I would have to start over, kept me going.

September 8, 2009

A new mammogram revealed that the spot was now barely visible. Another pelvic ultrasound showed the lining had shrunk to an acceptable size! No surgery needed! Besides those measurable results, my depression had faded, I also had the strength to make decisions to improve my health and follow through. I credit Ginny's generosity of spirit to teach and support me and the power of CHI-LEL Qigong! – Bonnie Lee Chappell, Kailua, Hawaii

A Family Practice

June 16, 2012

Hi Jorgen,

Just wanted to express my heartfelt appreciation for helping my family members, all seven of them, and introducing them to Chi-Lel Medical Qigong.

Two are in their late eighties and have cancer. Set in their ways and skeptical of anything outside the conventional western medical approach, I'm thrilled they're learning a natural, healing alternative to chemotherapy and surgery. They've witnessed the amazing recovery I've made with your help and guidance and have returned week after week to your group qigong class.

We all appreciate your calm, happy, hopeful and uplifting teaching style, laced with lots of humor and insight into our particular issues, while re-directing our focus to what's possible.

Thank you again. – Pam, Oahu Hawaii

breast lumps gone!

Thank you for teaching me CHI-LEL Qigong. I have been practicing my Gong faithfully. About a year and a half ago I found out I had three small pea sized lumps that were growing into the size of a dime in my right breast. Previously I had two lumps taken out of both breasts years ago. Well, two weeks ago I went for my annual check up. I just found out they are gone, vanished, nothing there. I am a true believer and I can't thank you enough. – Renee, Honolulu, HI

Enlarged Thyroid and Arthritic Knee Pain Reduced

June 18, 2011

Jorgen and Ihave been working and focusing on my enlarged thyroid. Chi Lel and Jorgen reduced the size of my goiter from highly visible to almost not noticeable. When Jorgen performed Distance Healing on me our main focus was to heal my thyroid, although he was so effective he also removed obstacles to the free flow of chi in my arthritic knees and since then I have been able to walk without a cane.I still have arthritis but I have much better circulation and flow, and therefore much less pain and stiffness in my knees. Pamela, Oahu, Hawaii