Cancer Gone! My $100,000 Haircut

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Cancer Gone! My $100,000 Haircut,
A Memoir by Ginny Walden.
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This is a book for those who have been newly diagnosed with cancer and are wondering what to do, for those dismayed and frightened with recurrence, and for those who are curious about alternative therapies or conventional treatment, or are wondering what the underlying message is for healing cancer. This book may comfort those who know they will die of cancer. My story unfolded like a blooming rose over ten years since my diagnosis.

I found that there are many layers to healing. Healing is an individual path, but I also see that there is definitely a common theme to healing cancer. I have seen many of my qigong students embrace this theme and heal cancer. I have seen several of my students laughing and in complete peace before they died which I also consider healing. I share my students’ stories to exemplify stages of healing.

Through my daily practice of qigong and meditation, I know when I am healthy and when I am weakening and how to regain my balance. I know beyond a doubt that cancer in my life is gone for good. I hope you enjoy reading this book as I share with you how my life-affirming decisions and how my experience of CHI-LEL Medical Qigong created my confidence in this truth today. Download a PDF preview of my book.

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book Reviews

"I read Cancer Gone! cover to cover and found it fascinating, educational and inspiring. What a journey!

Of great significance was what I learned about becoming my own best advocate in the medical world. Your courage to stand up for yourself, insist on understanding test results, and make your own decisions despite what every doctor or person around you was telling you was truly awe-inspiring. I immediately began doing the same thing, and to my amazement, discovered that reports of my medical tests over the last two years were incomplete and inconsistent.

Talk about eye opening! From my research, I learned that my original diagnosis could have been wrong—and doctors had wanted me to take some pretty drastic measures based on those results. So I have begun to give greater weight to the voice within me, listening carefully to experts’ advice, then taking my own counsel. Of great delight is the beginning of my own CHI-LEL practice as a result of reading about your experiences. Having you as my teacher (via Skype) is fantastic, and the practice is filling me with hope and confidence about my ability to heal.

I have told others about your book and will continue to do so.

Thank you, Ginny! You are a beacon of light in this world."

With love and gratitude,
Jennifer Read Hawthorne
Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul's Life Lessons for Loving the Way You Live

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