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Pioneer of Mind/Body research
CHI-LEL QIGONG (Zhineng) Founder, Grandmaster Pang Ming in China

Here is a full video of what was edited on the original 101 Miracles of Natural Healing Luke Chan video in 1996 of Dr. Pang Ming  giving  CHI-LEL healing (Fa Chi) at The Center or Dr. Pang's "medicineless' hospital in China. Notice how the Teachers work together and follow the student and continue to give Fa Chi. Also notice how the hundreds of students (the Chi Field) in the background interract with the Teachers chanting the affirmation "Huan Yuan Ling Tong", a special mantra to evoke healing qi.Their unified group intention accelerates the healing of the woman who stood up from her wheelchair after Dr. Pang gave her Fa Chi.

Instant Healing of a woman in a wheelchair with Dr. Pang Ming

Explanation of CHI-LEL's Chun Chi exercise (in Chinese)with Grandmaster Dr. Pang Ming in China. You can feel the fullness of his Qi.

Ginny’s Master, Luke Chan, filmed this healing moment at Dr. Pang’s Medicineless Hospital in China. Gregg Braden, Bladder Cancer Tumor dissolves in lass than 3 minutes


There are many videos of CHI-LEL (Zhineng) on youtube now. Some people are demonstrating the 4 main exercises. Note that some of these demos are not certified teachers and stray from the original teaching, so be careful! There are some videos posted directly from Dr. Pang at his Center. These are legitimate. But they demonstrate only body movements. The secret of CHI-LEL's success in healing is how to harness the Mind. To learn this you will need a qualified Teacher.

Always check with Master Luke Chan's instruction on his DVD and Master Frank Chan's "Medicine Begins With Me" DVD for correct technique because their teachings are pure lineage from the founder, Grandmaster Dr. Pang Ming.
Ginny learned directly from the seven top CHI-LEL masters in China as well as from the two brothers, Master Luke Chan (China) and Master Frank Chan (California). Her teaching is certifed by them and of pure lineage. If you study with either of the Chan masters or with Ginny, you will benefit fully and receive the authentic CHI-LEL (Zhineng) teaching that Grandmaster Pang Ming gives in China today.


"Your CHI-LEL™ Qigong is so amazing and powerful. I am sure that I will continue to practice it for life."
— Roger K. Chuy, Honolulu, 2001