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CHI-LEL is the Forerunner of Mind-Body Medicine today! Founded by Dr. and Grandmaster Pang Ming of China at his largest "medicineless" qigong hospital in the world. Visit

CHI-LEL means Chi Therapy (zhineng or "intelligence qigong" in China) is considered a high level of qigong because it uses Dr. Pang's Mind Intention Technique.

Dr. Pang asked 19 Grandmasters across China: How can medical qigong help...

Dr. Pang derived CHI-LEL from many ancient forms of qigong to produce a safe, easy, highly efficient and effective method of medical qigong for chronic illness.

In 1997, after ten years of researching the ancient qigong secrets of China, the Chinese government declared CHI-LEL (zhineng) the national medical qigong.

The basic CHI-LEL practice is:

CHI-LEL has successfully healed over 180 "incurable" chronic illnesses. Ten years of documented research at Dr. Pang's "medicineless hospital". Practiced by China's Olympic Teams and public schools.

See to read my breast cancer healing story in "Healing News".


Ginny has seen tumors disappear and cancer markers drop from 1100 to one in her Healing Circles.

I have seen healings again and again in our Healing Circles comprised of a group of students with the same issues and desires. When a group with cancer and the one who seeks healing decide togther they want cancer gone, cancer tumors can dissolve in minutes! I have seen this with my own eyes.

Ginny healed her scar tissue inside her right breast in 1998 after the lumpectomy of a malignant tumor the size of an orange. At her check-up, her doctor noticed there was no scar tissue inside her breast. He said firmly that de-vitalized tissue does not come back to life and this was impossible. Then Ginny realized she had healed it herself months before the check-up. She told him how she had felt a pain in her right breast and down her arm and decided to practice the La Chi Healing Massage method on the painful area. Her palms got so hot they felt like they were touching the bottom of a hot iron. Then she felt the "chi worm", a feeling of something burrowing thru her breast like the movement of a worm. Wherever the "worm" went, the pain disappeared. After 3 weeks, all traces of pain in her breast and arm were gone. The doctor said there were no lumps or scar tissue in either of her breasts.

As Ginny's Master, Luke Chan, says:
"Be curious! You never know when spontaneous healing will occur."

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Ginny's Healing Adventure

1998 Ginny after Stem Cell Rescue, a radical protocol for breast cancer with high dose chemo, now obsolete because only one out of 100 patients live. It does not work!


1998 Ginny 3 weeks after Stem Cell Rescue and practicing CHI-LEL daily, preparing for high dose of radiation. She had 6000 rads 5 days a week for 6 weeks. She never got burned !


1998 Ginny at Sedona, AZ CHI-LEL Retreat 4 months after 1 year of rigorous treatment.


UPDATE: After 10,000 hours of continuous practice (gongs) I still am cancer-free! In my seventies I am healthy and energetic! HAO-LA!