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Ginny Walden

Ginny is also a gifted Astrologer with 30 years experience. She says, "Astrology shows us the 'psychic weather' which is helpful for decision making." You can make conscious choices for career direction, health and love life. Order a personal, detailed chart of your special circumstances. You will need the information of the location of your birth, the day and the time to begin the chart.

Astrologer and Intuitive Medium

Astrology gives you the Psychic Weather Forecast of your present and coming circumstances. Reading can bring you clarity and inspire your higher awareness to strengthen your power to make conscious choices in your life so you can reach your highest potential and make your dreams real. In your Reading I can see your Life Theme. Your Chart is a blueprint of your Soul's Path, your unique purpose in this life. We always have Free Will to choose what to do within our destined circumstances. Your choices shape your day and your future.

TRIPLE CHART: Natal, Progressions, and Transits $225

What is my potential? What is happening now?
What is my focus now? What "psychic weather" is in the near future?
What opportunities and changes are now or approaching soon?
Love? Career? Health? Home? Money? Relocation? Transformation?!

This Reading is three-fold and comprehensive because it includes:
Natal or your planets and aspects when you were born, your blueprint for this life.
Transits or how planetary positions today affect your chart, the "psychic weather" ~
Progressions or a filter of slow sign changes that a different slant in your chart.

Information needed: birthdate, birth time, birth location


After your first reading I keep your chart on file for Updates. Keep up with the "psychic weather" and prepare for the future! 3 month forecast


Understand how your planets,houses,signs and aspects affect the relationship and why you are attracted to each other, your purpose together and your past life connections.

Information needed: birthdate, birth time, birth location for you and birthdate of partner, or above info if possible.


This is the chart of the relationship which is its own entity showing what you are doing together and your conflicts and harmonies.

Why do we have problems relating?
What do I need to change to create growth and harmony in my relationship?
Why do I have trouble with my mother/father/sibling/child/boss/coworker/ business partner/friend?

Information needed ~ birthdate, birth time and birth location for both persons.


Reading time 1.5 up to 2 hours
Formulate specific questions for best answers.
Option of recording your Reading though Skype or iPhone or recording capabilities on your phone.
I will email or mail you a copy of your chart wheel.


I can invoice you through PayPal.
If you are in Santa Fe or New Mexico, I will accept a personal check.


Email Ginny at:

How is your Psychic Weather?

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