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You can benefit from Ginny’s experience by enrolling in her Group Retreats or Individual Sessions to create your own healing. Chart your own course to victory as you awaken your own inner healer with her guidance and through her unique modalites of therapy, including CHI-LEL™.

Why do we need a gong sheet?

Nature works in cycles. We have seasons, years, days, hours, seconds, etc. Even the healing process has a cycle, a definite rhythm where some days you feel energized and other days you feel tired. This is natural cycle.

makapuucliffsThe Gong Sheet is a rhythm in your Mind as well as in your Body. Our minds, respond to cycles, to having a beginning and an end , to a "goal" or "season". We do this every day. It is natural.

The AMA knows that it takes 100 Days to change the neuron paths in your brain, It takes 100 Days to release buried trauma and habits that do not serve our well being. The fun thing is, we do not have to know what the habits and traumas are. They release when we start to cry, laugh. see pictures, hear music etc while we practice, or even later during the day. I cried during my First Gong whenever I did Wall Squats. The happy news is the trauma goes away and you feel at peace. When this happens, your illness will be gone for good. When you complete the 100 Days, then you start another "cycle" of 100 Days, and continue the Gongs for the rest of your life if you wish.

Remember that if you miss one a day during your First Gong, you must start over again. This is because:

  1. When you stop, you lose rhythm and so weaken your Chi.
  2. You have lost your focus on Intention, on your Self.

Once a student called me and said she had forgotten to practice on her 98th Day. She was all excited because she was on a date, so she practiced when she got home but it was after midnight and already the next day. She asked if this practice would count. I said no, because she "forgot herself' on the date and was not loyal to her intention, to her Self. So I asked her what was she bringing to the new relationship? She understood and started over.

When you start your Second Gong you can skip a few days a week and not lose Chi. I tried not using the Gong Sheet once, and I now understand why it is important. Just like when Master Luke Chan once said to me when he tried the Wall Squats without the Release-Absorb on the CD, he said it was nothing, just an army exercise.

Nature is all about rhythm which we can see happening constantly all around us... and in us! Inside our molecules, electrons are spinning...just one spin of a tiny electron is a completed cycle., which is a rhythm. So there are cycles within cycles.

The Gong Sheet is your Mind Rhythm, your Goal, Your Intention, your loyalty to You. Your Body responds to a Goal, a Rhythm and your Intention. We go to sleep at night, we wake up in the morning. We breathe in rhythm. We breathe in, then we breathe out. That's how we stay alive! Also, during your Gong you will see when things change for you by keeping track. Then when you complete your 100 Days and share your experience you will inspire others who are trying to heal illness and help them thru their gong.

When other students with cancer hear that your tumors disappeared on the 65th day this will inspire them to complete their gong and believe me most students need this inspiration. Many do not get thru their First 100 Days and have to start over several times. If you are one who is totally committed to your Gong, you will get results and you will be an inspiration for others in crisis. Dr. Pang Ming is a Grandmaster of Qigong and T'ai chi. as well as a doctor. Please consider that his program has a well researched purpose and comes from 7000 years of Chinese wisdom!

So I encourage you to commit to Dr. Pang Ming's teaching plan and post your Gong Sheet where you can see it and mark off each day with a smile or a frown, expressing how you feel on that day. Then you will see the rhythm of your healing,, and you will notice that more and more smiles accumulate as you near the end of your First 100 Days. I think of the smiling faces as all the cells in my body getting well. The Chinese say " Whatever you do for 100 days is yours." This is how we got chronic illness. This is also how we get well again! Dr. Pang Lao-Shi says " Your 100 Day Gong is your Master." If you plan on doing CHILEL for the rest of your life, which I applaud, then keeping a Gong Sheet is no big deal. I encourage all of you to experience it first before you reject it. I have 12 years of Gong Sheets! Back to Article Contents

Healing Story ~ Salima, the Courageous Warrior Xena

gong sheet example

Here is a portion of Salima's First 100 Day Gong Sheet. (click for larger image) Notice how she marked each face, expressing honestly how she felt each day of her Gong. When you look at the larger view, notice how her smiles increase towards the end.

She was 70 years old and looked 50! She was an elementary school teacher and a truly inspired Soul. She flew to Hawaii with only a backpack and asked if she could study with me. Since she did not know anyone and was a teacher, I put her in charge of leading the morning practice. We nick named her "Xena" to help her immune system feel strong while she battled courageously to heal terminal leukemia. xena

She almost eliminated the cancer twice. She finally made peace with herself. That day she said to me: "Ginny, I know how to heal cancer now, but I am ready to go. I have been a Seeker all my life. I traveled to India and around the world and studied with many Spiritual teachers.I feel like I have done everything my Soul needed to do on this Earth. I have no more pain and I feel at peace now. Being a Seeker, now I am more curious about what lies on the Other Side! I am ready to go."

Salima's Soul was healed and that's all that mattered. I saw 'Xena' a week before she died and she grinned at me happily, still practicing and in no pain. The day she passed, her friends saw a rainbow aura around her and the room had a scent of roses. They said all the rashes on her skin disappeared before their eyes and she was smiling peacefully. Back to Article Contents

Healing Story: Splinter out!

practice on beachGood news!

Practicing CHI-LEL regularly makes your Chi "run" and you will automatically lose weight.

I have become a;bit thin from moving stuff on a pressured schedule 8 hours a day for 8 days up and down 3 flights of stairs lifting 60 heavy boxes and hopping along on my heel not knowing I had a splinter in my foot! Yikes! No wonder my foot hurt all week!

I practiced the La Chi on my foot for 20 minutes daily to Hao-La CD, thinking it was just a cut from stubbing my foot on the wood floor. Yesterday after the Hao-La and soaking it in salt water, I saw the hint of a top of a splinter and yanked it out with tweezers in one piece. splinterIt was like pulling the Sword Excalibur out of the stone! I am very lucky it didn't break off inside my foot when I pulled it out. The 1.25 inch of wood in my foot came out clean as a whistle! No excessive bleeding, no puss or infection. The wound is 99% healed and today I am walking normally and all pain and swelling is gone. I did not have to go to the Emergency Room and incrue expenses.

CHI-LEL is your Health Assurance in a difficult economy so keep practicing your successive 100 Day Gongs! Keep surfing the Wave of Chi!   Do you have a Healing Story? Please send it to me to share. I look forward to hearing about your Chi Stories! HAO-LA! Master Gin Back to Article Contents

thinking too much

Gary has many good questions. He is wondering how to not think too much in his practice.

We each have trouble with thinking too much. When we think (try to figure out, analyze) we are in our Yang Mind and left brain. Then we are "in our head" and weare separating from our body. We become "pre-occupied" = not in our body. This is stressful and disturbing our Chi.

The key to healing is to "get the thinking out of the way". When you catch yourself thinking...just say "thinking" and you will return to your body. Do not try to stop thinking. Just observe that you are thinking. Then forget about it and feel your body.

This week's Gong Tip:

See only what is easiest to visualize. The rest will come later at your own pace. If you cannot visualize, just focus on the words. If you cannot focus on the words, focus on the rhythm "Release-Absorb". Rhythm increases Chi.

Keep it simple so you can enjoy your practice then Chi will flow and increase. Read Story # 94: The Woman from Inner Mongolia. Apply your Practice to Daily Life: Remember to practice seeing Blue Sky or Stars around everyone you meet this week and then give each person your Inner Chi Smile.

Every Buddha Smile heals! Bring me a story!

Master Gin Back to Article Contents

Invitation to those with diabetes

I found that a group with the same issues heals everyone faster, so I am looking for Diabetics. If you know of anyone suffering from diabetes, please forward this article.

As you know, CHI-LEL emphasizes the benefit of unified group energy. We are now building a steady attendance of a committed group of students so we can create Big Chi for our Practice and Healing Circles. The Big Chi at class is speeding up your healing process so please attend weekly for a CHI Boost and be curious! Spontaneous healing and Chi acceleration do occur in our Healing Circles. Also, your commitment to your daily practice at home brings Big Chi to our Gong Class and greatly benefits you and others who are healing illnesses. Back to Article Contents

Mind Methods and Eat, Eat, Eat!

I like students to ask questions. Here is my reply to Brad's questions below.


I had a couple of questions. You recommended that I check out 'the master key system'. It seems the author is associated with Freemasonry. What do you know about Freemasons?

Freemasons are not "bad" they are an organization. You can look this up in wikipedia.. The intention of the people in the organization make it work for good or ill. George Bush is a Blue Freemason with a group of politicians and powers from way back that have an agenda for a New World Order.Tthis guy with the Master Key program is giving you a method in which to clarify your intention and he happens to be a freemason but not a Blue Mason. He is also sharing his knowledge rather than keeping it secret, which is a healthy sign. There are many freemason organizations. Mozart was a freemason. He wrote his famous opera The Magic Flute based on the freemason's path to higher awareness. I sent students "the Master Key Method ' as an example of an approach based on the same principles that CHI-LEL uses to create health by clarifying your intention..and I thought students could glean some coaching from this method. It is up to you if you want to explore it or not.

Also, you said the other day at the Chinese restaurant that if one becomes spiritually inclined, you can really eat whatever you want without it affecting your body negatively.

I did not say "spiritually inclined" . I believe I said " If you practice CHI-LEL regularly you can eat whatever you want and experience no harm from food and also stay the same weight." Being "spiritually inclined" is not enough. You need to "reprogram" your body-mind memory of many years of food experiences and media hype.

There was the Maharaji in India who ate 12 tabs of acid at the request of Timothy Leary as a study and the researchers were shocked that the Maharaji was not affected at all by the drug. He is a person who had eveloped a high level of intention. He erased fear and so he felt no resistance and so he experienced nothing from the acid. That is a very high level of intention. The rest of us have thousands of body-mind experiences from Yang Mind that say this or that is harmful to us..and so we have fear..which is resistance to the flow. So if I ate acid..I probably would go nuts..because I am programmed too deeply and I have not changed that program yet.

I did notice a change in coffee. Before I practiced CHI-LEL if I had half a cup of coffee I would be manic for 8 hours and then crash exhausted the next day. But now when I drink a full cup of double manic buzz! I do feel a low hum and I just enjoy the bitter taste. So this probably means that my spleen and pancreas are in balance. After experiencing this successful result a few times, my experience of coffee gets "reprogrammed" to "now I feel normal and in balance when I drink espresso. Yum! Espresso!" So, no harm.

Get the idea? Also I find that when I am giving an all day workshop and I have no time to eat I find I still have steady energy until 11pm. Master Luke Chan said that my metabolism slows down to use less energy when I do not eat. When I eat too much. my metabolism will speed up and burn the energy. This is why if you Practice CHI-LEL regularly for several Gongs. you will notice you will not gain weight no matter what you eat because your body is in balance and is working efficiently. If you are overweight, there is no need to diet. Eventually you will return to your normal weight. This new experience eventually becomes a "new program" in your body-mind memory and then foods harm you less and less. Remember we are water bags, so our thoughts are the most powerful agents for our health.

We hear the phrase " You are what you eat", As we become more aware of our relationships of thought and belief to our body, then we may say "we are what we think we eat." A study found that people who thought eating donuts would make them gain weight, gained weight when they walked by a donut shop and just smelled the donuts! After many gongs of working with clarifying your intention you can eat whatever you want and even commercial meat or donuts will not harm your body.

Thank you Brad for your interesting questions,


Ginny Back to Article Contents

Gong Class

classWe experienced the Native American technique of Shamanic Drumming up and down our spines. The steady beat and sound returns all the cells back to normal harmony. Our bodies are water bags! Sound can create healing vibrations.

Explore sound in your body. Plug your ears with your fingers and sound a tone with your voice. Notice how Loud it is inside your body? This is affecting all your cells. Singing a song you love is healing. Chanting is healing. Toning is healing.

If you have a cough or are getting a sore throat find a tone that vibrates in your throat. Sound this tone over and over for 5 minutes or so. Your sore throat or cough will dissipate because you opened up the meridians with sound vibrations.

Try saying OM.... Aaaah-ooo-uuu-mmm. Feel the vibration in your body? Say it ten times... open your mouth wide to start with AH... then slowly close to create the rest of OM... How do you feel now? The sounds RELEASE... ABSORB on your CD were chosen purposefuly by Dr. Pang and Master Luke Chan to resonate healing vibrations to you upper Dantien and Lower Dantien, to reunite them thru tones. Explore! Experiment! Discover the healing power of sound! Join us! Even for one class! Refresh your Practice and get a Chi Boost. Back to Article Contents



A student asks:

What do you do if you get so mad at your self because you keep doing something that hurts you and not good for you and you are too weak to change and do not learn from your mistake in a particular situation and continue doing the same hurtful mistake over and over again that continually hurts you. Then you become so angry and disappointed at yourself that you feel awful for days. Have you ever experienced that? Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Practice Tip:

You seem to be experiencing obsessive thoughts and criticizing yourself mercilessly. This feels like a painful state of being, but who is really experiencing this?

Yin and Yang Minds:

In this case seeing the sun in your Dantien is helpful. Once you can "watch your mind" you will see there is really nothing there and then you can let go.

When these thoughts and emotions come, continue to watch them from your Belly and you will discover they come but the also go like leaves on the surface of a river moving downstream.

So what are Thoughts? Emotions? They come and they go. Maybe they are nothing. At this time you are seeing only with emotions and thoughts and not your Pure, Clear Being (YIN). You are identifiying with the waves on ocean (YANG) and forget the truth that you are the ocean. You think these thoughts and emotions are solid and real. On the YANG ( ego survival) plane, they seem real because you experience them and it hurts. But on the plane of YIN they are just waves on water.

Once you learn how to "go home" within your Dantien you will be free. You will feel like the vast ocean and these concerns will look small and you will know what to do or not to do. You already see your behavior, because you wrote me this email. This is a major step towards experiencing your YIN Being. If you can see the problem, you are watching ,which is YIN.. Now you have the choice to change your YANG behavior. Yang needs to cooperate with Yin. Like a canoe on the ocean, Yin is the canoe and Yang is the paddler. They need to work together so you can flow through life (ocean) and not hit the reef and capsize.

So stand quietly, correct your posture, do a body scan to relax, and then look for your Sun turning in your Dantien.. Stay there and watch.. and you will see... Practice this the moment the behavior occurs. This will be your new choice.

"Thoughts will continue to arise in our mind, but our old habit of following them and giving them power will diminish and fall away because of our mindfulness." - Jetsun Milarepa "Throughout the day and the night, look at your mind. When you are truly looking at your mind you will not see anything. When you do not see anything, let go and relax." - Lama Rinchen, Honolulu, Hawaii

Practice! Practice! Practice! Be curious! HAO-LA! Back to Article Contents

CHI EFFECTS "That Warm Feeling"

As always, I welcome students' questions. Please feel free to email or call me with your questions and concerns. You may be experiencing CHI EFFECTS and not know it. Please let me know if you feel anything unusual and I will share your news with other students for support and awareness.  

The CHI-LEL Full Moon Healing Circle is when we coordinate our healing intention with ten million practitioners in China and worldwide. I would like to meet with students at a Power Spot in Nature. One nearby is in Koko Crater. We will practice in the center of the crater over the buried olivine crystal. Past students have felt tingling of Chi running through their whole body. Natural Power Spots are vortexes of Chi and give you a chi blast of energy. Would any students want to join me? Please email or call and we will coordinate a time. The Botanical Garden 5PM so we need to meet at a time before then. Let's do it! It will be fun and energizing!

Aloha Ginny,

My husband and I were wondering if that warmth I feel in my naval area that I mentioned in my previous message could be a chi effect.  I feel no other effects and no improvements.

Thanks, S


Yes. This warmth is a common Chi Effect and it means you are opening your Mingmen (the gateway to Life, lower back, Kidney meridian) which is major and an excellent effect. Opening the Mingmen is the goal of all our exercises. This means you are now getting 100% Chi in your whole Dantien. This means Chi is building in your Dantien and now your chi is moving everyhwere.   

Healing is happening even though you do not see a big event right away. Your body knows best what to heal first. It is balancing different functions. Healing begins in small ways. Your body may be healing a microscopic thing you cannot see that is intimately connected with the healing of a larger result you seek. Remember CHI-LEL is accentuating the natural healing process. Trust your body's wisom and results you can see will come in time. Keep up on your Gong and be curious and enjoy your practice.  HAO-LA!

The "Red Rash"
Old Injuries return and heal!

One student got a rash in her left armpit that did not seem related to anything. Another got a red rash on his lower back. This is a common Chi Effect of an old injury that is healing. Old injuries from many years ago will surface and then heal for good. The Qi "red rash" will not itch, hurt and is not raised up on the skin and will disappear when it is ready. Know Qi is at work! The Qi " red rash" or "red dots" are always sign of Qi healing. The Chinese never question the body's innate wisdom. CHI-LEL speeds up the Qi Flow, the natural healing method of the body. The body's wisdom does the rest. So relax and leave the healing to Qi!

If any of you not attending Class have stories of Chi Effects, please email or call me. I would like to know how your Gong and healing are progressing.



I will look at your Posture in detail and make corrections to insure Qi Flow and to prevent or heal illness. You will also receive a handout with Posture Guidelines to use at home. Incorrect Posture creates Liver Qi Stagnation and this blocks the Liver and Gall Bladder Meridians. When Qi Flow is blocked, illness will occur. Correct Posture increases your Dantien Qi. Learn how to correct your own posture and how to be mindful of posture in daily activities.


Wu Ji
being mindful of posture

Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down Combo
being mindful of posture


Wall Squats to Drumbeats
How to visualize inside the spine to increase Qi.



Qi Sounds that heal organs
Apply to Healing Circle

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To assist your progress and to keep track of your daily practice use the gong sheet.