awaken your own inner healer

Private instruction with a certified instructior is essential to this practice! You can benefit from Ginny’s experience by enrolling in her Individual Sessions to create your own healing. Chart your own course to victory as you awaken your own inner healer with her guidance and through her unique modalites of therapy, including CHI-LEL™.

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ginny waldenI have found that healing cancer is no different than reaching for a glass of water. The natural law is the same. Where the intention goes, the energy flows. Clear Intention, the one hundred percent Desire to heal, and acting daily on that Intention creates healing. – Ginny Walden

Artist, musician, and visionary, Ginny Walden, inspires all with her spontaneous healing story. Diagnosed with advanced breast cancer in 1997, she began to unravel the patterns that contributed to her condition. During her medical treatment, she almost died from multiple medical errors and treatment protocol, not cancer! At the end of treatment (radiation) she discovered CHI-LEL™ MEDICAL QIGONG and that its power is that it (ZHINENG) releases hidden trauma, the root of chronic illness, which is exactly how she healed in three minutes from her near death experience from medical errors in treatment. She embraced CHI-LEL daily practice and completed her healing.

Ginny, named “Master Chuenyu” by Master Luke Chan, is one of five Master Teachers in the West. After further training with the 7 top CHI-LEL Masters from The Center in China, she teaches only the original and authentic ZHINENG QIGONG ( CHI-LEL in USA) founded by Grandmaster/ Dr. Pang Ming which is the required national health practice in China today. Her lineage is pure, from Grandmaster Pang Ming to Master Luke Chan to Master Chuenyu to you.

Ms. Walden trained in Beijing, China under seven top CHI-LEL™ Masters to become one of five CHI-LEL™ Master Teachers in the West. Since then, Ginny has taught the art of self-healing to thousands of people in Hawaii and world-wide.

Her book Cancer Gone! My $100,000 Haircut reveals her journals during treatment and how she made life-giving choices to become a cancer victor. As she explores the question "What is illness?" she discovers why she had a spontaneous healing. An additional story, “Olympic Heart” is published in Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Life Lessons for Loving the Way You Live by Co-author Jennifer Hawthorne.

Cancer Gone! My $100,000 Haircut

Cancer Gone!This inspiring memoir tells the story of Ginny’s experience of her spontaneous healing of advanced breast cancer (tumor the size of a grapefruit, 21/23 lymph nodes positive). She was dying from multiple medical errors during her radical, risky treatment and not cancer. She felt so appalled by the medical errors and severity of her treatment that she decided to write an accurate memoir of her experience to expose the medical risk and errors. After her wondrous spontaneous healing on her deathbed she asked to help others who are sick. After exploring many healing methods she discovered tCHI-LEL Medical Qigong (Zhineng) and found it dovetails exactly with how she healed in 3 minutes, that this method is highly effective since it releases hidden trauma, the root of chronic illness.

This is a book for those who have been newly diagnosed with cancer and are wondering what to do, for those dismayed and frightened with recurrence, and for those who are curious about alternative therapies or conventional treatment, or are wondering what the underlying message is for healing cancer. This book may comfort those who know they will die of cancer. My story unfolded like a blooming rose over ten years since my diagnosis. Read More...
"All cancers act the same. So if drugs could cure cancer, we would need only 
ONE drug."
 –Grandmaster Dr. Pang Ming, founder of Chi-Lel Medical Qigong, Beijing,China

learn Chi-lel™ Qigong

practice on beach Learn CHI-LEL Qigong with Ginny Walden, Breast Cancer Victor is one of 5 CHI-LEL Master Teachers worldwide. Your daily practice will boost your life energy. accelerate healing of chronic illness, and increase strength, fitness, mental clarity, creativity, and longevity. Read More...

fine art as A vehicle for healing

ginny sculptingReach your inner most thoughts and emotions through creating art. Ginny credits her sculpture shown here as a key to healing her breast cancer. By examining the characteristics of the work of art, it pinpointed aspects of issues she needed to address to continue on her path of healing. Read More...

astrology Charts and psychic visions

ginny sculptingSee your psychic weather so you can make concious choices for career direction, health and love life. Get a personal, detailed chart of your special circumstances. Read More on Astrology...

Guardians, Angels and Spirit Guides appear in these psychic drawings! Read More on Awakening Your Truth–Psychic Visions ...

Music as a vehicle for healing

ginny playing guitarExperience the exotic Flamenco improvisations as created by Ginny Walden. "I play music directly from my heart to soothe your soul. " Read More...


"Thank you for teaching me CHI-LEL Qigong. I have been practicing my Gong faithfully. About a year and a half ago I found out I had three small pea sized lumps that were growing into the size of a dime in my right breast. Previously I had two lumps taken out of both breasts years ago. Well, two weeks ago I went for my annual check up. I just found out they are gone, vanished, nothing there. I am a true believer and I can't thank you enough." – Renee, Honolulu, HI


To assist your progress and to keep track of your daily practice use the gong sheet.